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GIXXER250(20)‚ GIXXER SF250(20)
Oil Cooler Core Protector


Yoshimura radiator and oil cooler core protector is finished with fine hairlines on stainless steel which is one of the classics but a popular texture.
The surface is semi-mat with a gleam and it matches with any style and color of motorcycle.

Material: Stainless steel (SUS304)
Thickness: 0.8mm

- Radiator Core Protector
- Oil Cooler Core Protector
 ・ Performance:
Using 0.8mm of thin material with fine thread line, it maximizes cooling effect while protecting radiator/oil cooler core.

 ・ Design:
The patterns are made with etch process and the protector is precisely produced.
The 3into1 hexagonal pattern is designed from "Y" of Yoshimura.
<Core Protector mesh pattern>
 ・ Quality:
High quality stainless (SUS304) is used for durability.

< Supplied with special box >

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