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GSX-S1000(15-16/17-)‚ GSX-S1000F(15-16/17-)


X-TREAD is developed to pursue for the high controllability and the better interaction between rider and bike.
The design of the heel plate is considered from the shape of Yoshimura GSX-R1000 racer which has been proofed its performance.
It is possible for riders to concentrate on riding with the super-high grip machined foot pegs and smooth touch rubber covered step pegs.
The metallic anodizing color Yoshimura “Slate Gray” strengths its presence.

Position 1 12.5mm 15mm
Position 2 12.5mm 27.5mm
Position 3 25mm 12.5mm
Position 4 25mm 15mm
Position 5 25mm 40mm


  • The distinct heel plate is designed to endure strong holds and avoid catching riding boots.
  • Adjustable 5 different positions
  • The specially machined foot pegs deliver rider’s movement directly to the motorcycle.
  • Rubber type peg is adopted on the tip of pedal bar.
  • 3 positions adjustable shift peg and 2 positions adjustable brake peg.
  • Using 2 bearings in pedal axle that gives smooth shifts and brake feelings.
  • 5 positions adjustable shift pedal.
  • ABS and brake switch are applicable.

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  • The heel plate is designed with specific shape which Yoshimura GSX-R1000 racer used.
  • Lightening is also processed to reduce extra weight.
  • Design, material and durability of the heel plate passed Yoshimura basis.
  • Yoshimura X-TREAD logo is laser engraved on the heel plate.
  • Yoshimura special anodizing color “Slate Gray” that exude its presence.
  • To prove genuine Yoshimura product, Serial number (QR Code) is laser engraved.


  • The main material of X-TREAD is aluminum that is known for as durable as to be used for aircraft equipment.
  • The tensility of the aluminum used for foot pegs is lowered so that it will bend in the case of a crash which lowers the damage to rear sets plates and the flame.

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